Our Mission is to promote community awareness of the benefits of using independent college professionals and to expand our knowledge of the college admissions process through shared information, continued professional development and collaboration.

About College Consultants of Colorado

Established in 2008, College Consultants of Colorado is a consortium of independent educational consultants whose professional training and backgrounds allow them to effectively serve students and their families in the college planning and search process.

Information and Disclaimer About Professionals on this Site

The listing of any independent educational consultant on this website is not to be taken in any way as an endorsement or recommendation of any kind by the College Consultants of Colorado, or a warranty of any sort that the services provided will meet any standard of excellence.

A listing on this website means that the professional has expressed an interest in joining with colleagues to discuss professional issues. No screening or verification of credentials or memberships in professional organizations has been undertaken by the College Consultants.

Note that links on this website allow you to connect to other web sites maintained by third-parties over whom the Colorado Consultants has no control. The Colorado Consultants is not responsible for the content of any linked site.

An independent educational consultant is a valuable resource for students and families as they plan for college and those seeking to hire an independent educational consultant should interview and find the person who will best meet individual needs.

In finding a consultant, parents are encouraged to ask about methods of keeping up with the higher education landscape (particularly personal visits to college campuses), membership in professional organizations, attendance at professional meetings and training programs, years of experience, academic degrees and training, and specialized training in areas such as learning disabled students.

Any implied or suggested "guarantee" of admission to any college is not sanctioned by relevant professional associations. Further, all fees should be stated clearly and at the onset of the consulting relationship.